Collaborative Learning Adventures
We don’t have any jobs here at BLS. Hopefully we never will. What we offer is more akin to a collaborative learning adventure with a positive financial and benefits return on investment! Jobs are activities that people do solely to get paid. We want more than that for ourselves, and our teammates too. People are more than their jobs and we want to provide an environment where individuals can flourish as members of long-lived teams.

Sure, there is work to do. But work should be balanced with the rest of your life’s goals and activities. We know motivation, high-performance teams, and how to build them with high-performance self-motivated people. Are you tired of the same old story from “managers” and “organizations?” We don’t have managers at BLS, only mentors and teammates. Our leadership team believes in true Servant Leadership and teams that self-manage and self-organize around value delivery to our customers.

Big Lake Software’s leadership team’s primary goal is to serve our customer value streams, and the teams that do the work, that flow through BLS by providing a business environment in which our teams can succeed.


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